The Lady Doth Bloggeth

My apron spends a large part of my day attached to me. It is tied up in all my messy meal preps, it feels the tugs of the kids wanting food, comfort or a diplomatic shriek. My apron hangs in the hub of our home-the kitchen, keeping a watchful eye on what is occurring. She hangs there patiently yet happy for the break , until she will be once again, pulled over my head and tied around my waist. This, be the reason my blog is called apron tales for if my apron could talk she would have may a tale to tell you . Some mundane, some exciting, some would make you cry, others laugh. Whatever the genre, emotion my apron would say what I do, should she have the chance.

My apron and I shall collaborate our stories and blog them as we see fit and when I have a moment to escape to my keyboard.

The Lady Doth Bloggeth


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