Am I a Grown Up Mummy?

Am I a Grown Up Mummy?

Some mummies at the school gates always seem more mature than me-or as one of my favorite gals refers to as ‘the grown up mummies’. I am in a class of mums’ who love bright patterns, by toys based on what I want to play with, wish Top Shop sold larger sizes in cartoon t-shirts though relieved they sell Sesame Street knickers in ladies sizes.
The grown up mummies are more sophisticated but not mean or condescending nor do they think us less grown up mummies are foolish. We tweet, text, stream music, watch cartoons and when no on is looking brush our daughter’s My Little Ponies until the manes are de-tangled.
Dont’ get me wrong, we care for our kids as well as the grown up mummies and would never be so immature as to neglect them, it is more a feeling or mental age rather than standard of care. I find myself asking over and over am I grown up already? AM I now responsible for buying stain removal, condiments and making sure the kids dont’ loose mittens when I can’t keep my own in a pair. A grown up mummy would never need a dummy string for her mittens because she has nice leather gloves that she has had for years. Because she puts them back in the same spot like a grown up mummy does. I have to have several pairs in bright woolly colours for very mood or to replace the ones I have lost due to not putting them back in the same place.
A grown up mummy would never want an appliance simply because in comes in red pink or purple she would buy the one that is required and choose it according to he needs. I would justify needing a new toaster as Dualit has come out with new vibrant shades and would therefore convince my husband our current toaster was substandard.
I do envy the grown up mummies because they , I am sure they do efficient house work when the kids are at school or napping instead of Facebooking tweeting, napping due to fatigue cause by being up late watching re runs on Dave. The grown up mummies are cheerful, efficient and I dont’ think they have one enemy. I dont’ think I have enemies but rather people who would find my messy, penchant for mitten loss and superfluous appliances annoying. The grown up mummies are always on time for school pick up which I know because I see them coming home from school as I am running towards the school.
I think ugh, my mummy was a grown up mum, and she was so efficient, relaxed and the house was organised and orderly. I am in a constant state of worry that my house is too messy, I am not using my time efficiently and that I social network far more than I should thus allowing wet laundry to grow mold.
However, the other night i was watching ‘American Idol’. and for the first time thought ‘oh their mums must be so proud of them'(the good onesthe not bad) instead of my normal jealous twinge I get when I think I wished I could have been a singer.
I got weepy when they judges said yes(no am not pregnant) and thought of how wonderful it is that the kid who grew up poor is doing so well. This was an epiphany-maybe I am growing up as I mum. I did managed to find pairs for most of my socks and by sensible snacks so let us see what 2011 brings. Will I carry on the same centile for maturation as a mummy or except that it is okay to be a no so grown up mummy and embrace my crumbs and wear mix matched socks proudly.


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  1. Hi lovely lady,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I really enjoyed reading your blog (I don’t think I’m a grown up Mummy either – even after 4 of the little darlin’s). Have fun!
    Clare (aka Helen C’s sister) xxxx

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