My Narrow Escape from Looking Good Naked.


I had always been thin, too thin in fact. Purely luck of a high metabolism and a touch of anxiety to keep the pounds off. I was thin that is until aprox the eve of new years 2001, then I just gained and gained. I had been put on a high dose of sertraline for anxiety and OCD which, despite being told the opposite, caused me to gain weight very quickly. I exercised and ate well but the meds, great for helping me deal with OCD created hefft tier problems
Flash forward to 2008, three pregnancies later though only 2 living babies, my tummy looked like a rhinos butt and I was hating myself. My first pregnancy I had polyhydamnios, too much amniotic fluid, and my tummy was stretched beyond normal limits. It didn’t spring back. Baby number two was born asleep sadly. Baby three was a whopper at 9lbs 14 born at 37wks!
I love clothes but was in denial t thinking fashion was for the skinny types and all the clothes were somehow sized incorrectly. I would go to the gym and wonder why my once former thing self was hiding under layers of fat, keeping me from feeling and looking great.
In an act of desperation, I applied to be on ‘How to Look Good Naked’ even emailing pictures of me in my knickers, highlighting my ‘problem areas’. I had no idea who would receive said photos and I am sure there was much laughter when looking thru them but I didn’t’ care, I sent them anyway. If it meant Gok would grab my baps then that was okay, as long as I felt better and found clothes to look cool again.
Once I clicked send, I told my fiends half expecting them to say’ but you don’t’ need Gok, you look fab!’ But they didn’t’; they thought it was a bit funny and not a bad idea. Fast forward again to April 2009. I was coming back from the British museum with my two children when the phone rang, asking me to answer some questions in response to my application to be on How to Look Good Naked’ Apparently I had been shortlisted from thousands and I thought ‘wow, do I look that bad? ‘I had a friendly chat with a media girl who was lovely and said they’d be in touch should the need arise. Well, one week later ,I got a call back inviting me for a screen test in my knickers! By this time, I had found out I was 5wks pregnant and thought I can’t hide this as they will be prodding my tummy and sucking my expanding belly. I told the woman on the phone and she said despite being very interested in me as a candidate, it wasn’t possible with my being pregnant. Even if it has been, I was very sick with hyperemesis that it was a done deal.
My pregnancy was exhausting and again a larger baby was delivered, though only weighing in at 8lbs @38wks. Our baby boy was stunning and a little peach but my tummy would make a Buddha look like Victoria Beckham. My sister announced her engagement too, which meant I would be maid of honour and despite being very flattered I was panicked as my sister is a mega sports woman as are he friends. The idea of standing up next to all these muscles type- fit women made me feel motivated to do something about my weight other than a pair of sloggies.
So, I decided to hire a personal trainer as I was not exercising enough to shed the pound. It was an expensive layout but cheaper in the long run as I kept buying clothes that didn’t fit or ones that did fit but looked like’ fat clothes’. My trainer was the spin instructor at my gym who also owns a physio and PT clinic. Did he work me hard? Ouch yes. I have never sworn so much in my life! He would shout at me, ‘come on, top woman, you’re not a quitter, if it is burning it’s working. I would be pushing it to the max while my older kids were at school and nursery and the baby was next to me in his car seat. Leon would even give the baby his bottle while I did m y crunches He was so supportive, didn’t make me go ion a wacky diet, he simply told me if you like to eat you have in increase activity. The first work out with him was as painful as being in labour and I realised that I wasn’t shedding the pounds as I had never worked so hard in my life. I had never sweat so much either as I thought I wasn’t I sweaty type. I learned from Leon, that if you are sweating you re burning fat!
Almost a year later, I have lost about 2.5stones and feel great. I am toned, and trimmer. My saggy tummy will never totally recover but that is part of mother hood and I don’t’ mind. I can wear clothes I like , feel confident, have more energy and a healthy glow;(sound like a dog food advert) I learned how to exercise so when I do my own workout I know how to push myself.
Last April I was upset I came so close to having a makeover with Gok but for me, feeling good shouldn’t’ involve stuffing myself in magic pants every day. I agree with the ethos of the show that cosmetic surgery isn’t the answer but I think for those women who feel dumpy, a few months with a trainer though costly, is a worthy investment. Not all women need weight loss but any exercise with a good trainer will boost your ego and make you feel better. I still want to lose another stone but it is hard with three ids. I just wanted to spread the word that weight loss isn’t a dirty word and being overweight isn’t healthy and for some, losing weight will do more for their ego and looks than bap grabbing and a nude photo shoot. If you don’t’ believe you look good, it doesn’t matter if a mall full of cheering onlookers think so. I have been thin and felt just as self-conscious as being overweight. With E.T gangly arms and a bony bum We also don’t’ need to look gorgeous all the time, just happy in our skin even if it sags a bit.


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