Downton Abbey Comedy Song-last season


Sing to theme of Downtown by Petula Clark


When you’re an heir cause the others all died

You can always go, Downton

If you’re a lawyer and considered low class

It helps to come into , Downton

Just listen to the bells ring from the basement and the scullery

Linger thru the garden where the lads are shooting fowl

How can you lose?

The chicks are much richer there

You can  forget all your hang ups, be used as an heir

Downton, people will like you now

Downton, no faker place I’m sure

Downton, everyone’s using you


Don’t wait around, for a bird to decide

If you can marry her, Downton

Maybe you know,

what her little plan is

she will trap you now, Downton

Just listen to the des-per-ate people ‘bout the manor

You’ll be lending servants because yours are just as dower

Cooking again



You may find, the people there are   mocking and piss taking

Your mothers hates them all but you fancy some love making

A desperate fool

What if the babes a boy?



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