Chorizo,Prawn and Rocket Courgette Spaghetti


chorizo and prawn b

Serves 4 or 1 greedy guts

-tsp extra virgin olive oil.
-a handful of chopped onion.
-2 garlic cloves.
chorizo (I prefer the whole chorizo over the pre chopped)
-one pack of sustainable pre cooked prawns.
– 2 orange mini peppers or any pepper you like but I prefer the little orange or yellow for this recipe.
-small packet of rocket.
-one pack of courgette spaghetti or spiralise 2 medium courgettes if you are the sort of person who home spirlarlises!
-a nice handful of feta for crumbled before serving.
Cooking Method:
-heat oil in the pan. Add onions and garlic. Chop the chorizo in half circles then add to pan.
-allow chorizo to heat through making a nice chorizo oil residue.
-add peppers.
-cook for a few minutes then add the courgette spaghetti
-cook until it is soft.
-add the prawns and heat accruing to packet.
-season with with seasalt l and back pepper.
-serve with rocket and feta.

It goes nicely with a white Rioja to incorporate the Spanish origin of the chorizo and the white doesn’t overpower the prawns and veg.
Recipe by Courtney Cornfield



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