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Trying to Lose Weight? Lose the Attitude.


I’ve recently lost 40lbs/2.something something something stones or 18 ish kgs. The weight I lost is pretty much weight I gained through stress, babies, life, food lack of exercise, bad marriage. Said weight has been tricky to shift due to the afore mentioned but also upon reflecting(sadly not in a  in a high viz vest) it has a lot to do with  attitude. Here are a few insights into the mind of someone who lost weight and the attitude you might need to adopt.

Lose the negative, sarcastic, defensive , self deprecating attitude, making fun of exercise  attitude. 

It is funny. We all do it. At the gym running with friends, group fitness or in your own mind. We make jokes, giggle about our lack of ability, how painful the exercise is or how we feel we simply can’t do it. Can’t we eat cake instead? etc.  Well, unless you have a  medical reason or previous injury or have been told my a medical professional you can’t do a particular exercise- stop moaning and just get on with it. It might be funny but it is destructive.

Exercise is suppose to be tough. It is suppose to hurt (not in the I’ve injured myself but rather must keep going manner). It isn’t suppose to be easy if you’re doing it correctly. As long as you have a qualified sporty type ensuring you that  you’re technique is spot on and you’re doing each exercise safely then push yourself and stop telling you and everyone else in the group that you can’t do it. The odd weep or “oh my god that hurts” is acceptable, but it is the constant deflecting back to defensive comments that can prevent you from pushing you self to fully embrace the exercise and let it work it’s magic.

Perhaps there is an element of peer pressure or perceived peer pressure. I think this might be more common in women. That tendency to undermine yourself for fear of succeeding or admitting you actually like exercise when previously,  the dislike of it is what bonded you and you pals over coffee. It you really want to lose weight and you don’t want to stay the shape you are ditch the  sarcastic side chatter and get on with it.

I was once a fly on the wall at a men’s group fitness class. Safely perched in the bush where they couldn’t see me.  Whilst I prefer my female exercise chums as we have positive chatter between sets, there was an eerie silence with the men. Aside from  the grunting, the  frequent  oomphs and the arrrgs, there was no chatter. Not one man said ” oh my god I can’t do that’ or” oh I think that might be too difficult for me’ or ‘ haha I think I prefer my big bum if it means lifting that!” Maybe they thought all of this but from my secret vantage point, they just did it. Some even trying to lift a shed when the kettle bell was too light. I wondered why do woman feel the need to talk themselves out of a great exercise when we are just as capable? What is wrong with trying the heavier weight? Chatting is good but if you must,  remember to be positive, motivate each other and grunt grunt grunt!!

Am I being harsh. Yes, yes I am. I am being  harsh because being harsh on myself is one of the reason I lost weight. I had every excuse in the book.’I can’t lose weight because I don’t have time. ‘ I’m a single mum and work full time. Guess what-I am now making the time. My favourite was “I have had big babies therefore  my tummy with never shrink?” My tummy has shrunk and the birth weight was in fact correct. ‘

I let negative people influence me. Now, I have surrounded myself with positive people, with the same ability as me. I embrace my early morning jogs instead of loathing the thought of getting up early to run. I am confident to feel proud I went for a run rather than feel embarrassed or prefer to make wise cracks about not going.  I can tune out defensive chatter from others and just push myself because I know how easy it is to fall  into that negative chatter trap. I’m grateful I have a group of fun motivational ladies to work out with now. And a great running person too.

Give it a go. Try to encourage others if you sense they are in that bad attitude zone. If your pal says “oh my god no way I can’t do this”, tell them they can  Try it or simply say shut up and get on with it! And then grunt…river-path