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My Butt, My Muffin top and Me


_MG_0160I recently read that more retailers such as Debenhams are stepping away from the super thin super model to promote clothing for super normal super average women. It is about time. The average measurements for British Women according to Size UK are as follows: bust  38.5cm waist 34.0 cm hips  40.5 cm weight  143.5lbs  . According to the table     50 %of us are normal with %12 underweight. Hmmm wow, now I am not a statistician but it would seem that the minority in most fashion catalogues  are representing the majority.   I have no problem when I see super models at fashion week on the catwalk nor in high end magazines. To me this an art form and I don’t’ think  the average population of women would feel cheated that we can’t fit into a Channel suit to carry out day to day chores, go to work, do the school run.Unless of course you are on CSI then you most certainly  need to wear a white Chanel suit to a crime scene but this is a different matter. What does bother me is when you have very underweight, and by underweight I don’t’ mean lovely naturally thin or healthy small structured women. What  I refer to are those women who look malnourished or who have had an airbrush diet  in order to model clothes that the average UK women is suppose to buy. Or who have been pressure to starve themselves to get work marketing clothing (for women who eat)  might like to wear.The Gap, for example have incredibly thin models that look so unhealthy I want to take them home and feed them a hearty meal. Not fatten them up as I am not suggesting we  promote obesity simply emphasize the average size while promoting diversity. Why does every model have to be the same size? Perhaps it is a cost saving thing to pay 1 model to shoot for a day rather then 10 different shapes. And yes fatter models do tend to use more fabric, maybe eat more out of the expense allowance.I am a plus size model (plus in modeling refers to size 12 and above). If you are plus or petite you get shoved in your own special section together. Then the ‘normal’  sizes get showcased

Boden is another company that has had me campaigning  for more realistic  models. Campaigning might be a bit of a stretch-really I’ve just left comments their Facebook page. ..and a photo of me.I am a size 16 and have a Boden wrap dress. I love it and yes I think I look lovely in it. Of course my tummy who I have named dunlop isn’t flat, and my butt could moonlight as a sofa cushion but I like my butt. My tummy does get on my nerves from time to time but then I remember I have had some gorgeous kids who used to live in  there. As my 8yr old daughter said’you tummy is an everlasting souvenir of the lives you have created’ (my daughter is Lisa Simpson) Boden clothing appeals to a lot of mummies I know. Some of these mummies are thin, some fat, some average some short some tall some with small tummies some with big tummies. You get my point. My mum loves Boden and she is 72. However all of the models in the Boden catalogue are a size 6 or 8, flat tummies and perfect bodies. They are all under 30 yet are marketing clothes to women like me. The size range is from 6-22 . So why not showcase how the range of styles and diversity of design can flatter a plethora   of figures? I, as well as many of my friends -such an empirically valid subject calculation- feel annoyed  when we flip through  the catalogue. We look at it, ooh and aaah over the gorgeous clothes then recycle it. Why? I think you know why.If not refer to paragraph 1. We know that if a size 6 model is wearing  something it won’t fit over most of our left thighs let alone entire body. Are we that repulsive being normal? Ageing normally? Being busy people who don’t’ have time to work out 7 days a week? No we are not . The other irritant in this matters that Boden’s current add campaign  seems to be all about cakes and sweet things. So next to a skinny size dress you will see some doughnuts or a cupcake. Um so what the message is, is that cakes are fun , small sizes are normal and the two go hand in hand? The colours might be from the same palette -I get it. icing on cupcakes, pastel dresses.

I would love to see the Gap or Boden produce a catalogue that shows how  certain styles work with certain figures   . Some of us have had life take it’s toll on our tummies due to life growing inside said tummies. Who knows one day we may open   the catalogue and see a size 12, 14 or 16 model in an outfit we would never dreamed would look good on us. We might even buy it instead of recycling the catalogue on our way to Debenhams.

Right better get of my soap box before it breaks form all the weight!